Having arrived at this page, you may be experiencing some distress as a result of relationship difficulties or may be having sexual problems.

In this case, I hope I can be of help…



My name is Charlotte Simpson and I am a fully qualified 
and experienced couples counsellor and psychosexual
therapist in private practice in North West London.





Couples counselling

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship it is advisable to have counselling together as a couple because you both have an involvement in the way things are, even though you may blame each other. READ MORE


Relationship counselling
for individuals

If you are not in a relationship or
are seeking relationship counselling without your partner, we can work together to understand what is
going for you.


Psychosexual therapy

Psychosexual therapy is basically another name for sex therapy, but does not treat sexual problems in isolation. Other contextual factors
are taken into account such as personal and relationship histories.